We should start a Scholarship fund

I am going to school right now and lord knows it would be a lot less stressful if it was payed for. I am on disability and I don’t really know how I am going to pay off my student loans but! i will cross the bridge when i graduate college.

Anyway, I want to make it easier on student (s) down the road like me who just graduated high school and their AVM burst or is removed.

so we should put together some sort of scholarship.

You can bet when i am rolling in the dough I am going to have a few different AVM survivor scholarships. haha.

Brain injury?

Let me know any ideas or thoughts you may have!

Thank you,
London DeVore

That is a wonderful idea!!! I would also check some websites that are associated with the medical issues you mentioned above. Being you are across the pond your options my be different than the ones we have here, but they may cross paths as well. Good luck dear and I hope you find a way to help ease the astronomical cost of an education.

Hi, That really sounds like a good idea, I too was going to school had to take a break, now I have all these student loans that I have to pay back and where is the money going to come from I dont know but cant worry about that right now. When I go back of work if able will think about it then. It is something to put in action.

Sounds like a great idea. College is expensive for everyone, and when one has a disability, it’s makes the finances even harder.

Lets get it going somehow… haha

I have thought about this also. There are scholarships for children with brain tumors, but I didn’t see anything about AVM’s. I think it’s a great idea.

That'd be great. I got all A's and one A- last semester I completed, but because of medical bills I may not go to school next semester...This year has sucked...