Any one presently using the walkaide or bioness 300 for foot drop?

I have no idea what the is but would like to. I have an uncle who has that. Will have to google it.

i had never heard of it…but just goggled it …sounds great i hope it work well for you

Had not heard of that, but Chari suffered from foot drop in the right leg following one of the embolizations. It was to the point that she often tripped when walking without a brace. She absolutely HATED that brace, but wore it 10+ years. It was hot in the summer, and cold in the winter, and wore sores in her calf where it mounted on top.

Prior to leaving Stanford, she was evaluated by an ortho surgeon, who said that (ok - $50 word) a post anterior tendon transfer MIGHT fix the foot drop issue. There would never be 100% flexibility in the joint, but it should help her not to trip on her foot and allow her to buy normal shoes, and walk without the brace–and also walk barefooted.

About 5 years ago, we found a local foot surgeon who was an expert at this, and he offered good odds that she MIGHT get out of the brace, so she had the surgery. GRAPHIC: They opened her foot and shortened the tendon from the big toe to the ankle, and also split it at the toe and attached part of it to the bone near the pinky toe. That allowed the foot to remain in a normal position and not droop to the right.

It worked PERFECTLY. She lacks flexibility in that ankle, and can’t point her toes on that foot, but she was able to smash the brace into 1000 pieces, and wear normal shoes again, and able to walk in sandles and barefooted.

It’s one option some might consider. And I hope I have the name correctly–it was four words and I know I have 3 of them right (grin).


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Is sent the info about the arm device one to my aunt because my cousin was in a terrible car accident last year and has difficulty with one of his arms so I thought it might be an idea for him. She forwarded the info to his OT and she is going to tell me what the OT says about it. I will let you know if I hear anything back.