UVA and crummy days

Well mom and I went to UVA and saw more neurosurgeons than I could count. They were very nice and helpful and answered every question we had. Mom and I mad it as fun as we could laughing and joking about almost everything made it seem as though we weren’t there cause I was sick but because we were on a much needed mother daughter vacation. The doctors said they want to try and treat my AVM with the Gamma Knife which sounds like a good plan. Im still kinda nervous about it even though im sure its not nearly as bad as full on invasive brain surgery. but still this is something I never thought I would ever have to deal with let alone at my age. All my friends are off having fun, going to parties, working on their majors, going to the county and state fairs, going fishing. All the things i used to go and do with them until I got sick with MONO and this AVM. I feel like im being left behind and forgotten. I known thats not true and everyone tells me that but I cant help but feel that way when I’m stuck in my house for a month with nothing to do but watch MTV and surf face-book. Pretty much the only time I get out is when I have a doctors appointment or mom lets me go to the store or something with her and once we are home from that i’ am laid out the rest of the might exhausted and sometimes sick to my tummy with a terrible migraine…whoo soo much fun! not really…i’ve stayed very peppy and positive about the whole situation. I think I’m just tired and am having a bad day… the doctors said i would have those with the mono. I’m just so tired of these things ruling my life… sooooooo over it. I’m trying so hard to keep a smile on my face and yes today my smile may be a little dimmed it isn’t completely gone. Will continue to keep you all posted on everything…P.S the Tattoo is healing nicely :slight_smile: oh mother daughter trips… good times haha :slight_smile:

:) Smiles
Brittany <3

Hang in there and keep smiling! You must feel exhausted because of the Mono. Having an AVM does not change your life…you are smart and you will get through it. I will pray that they remove your AVM and you get back to school and having fun times with your friends!

Thanks soo Much for the encouragement :slight_smile:

Brittany, keep your head up! We are all behind you and in a few weeks the Gamma will be behind you as well! We are thinking and praying that you are back to your old self soon with school and all your friends!

Thanks so much Marie :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about feeling left behind. My AVM was found in November and the cold kept me inside. Just to doctors appointments. I did go out Christmas shopping and a few little trips, but I spent my time inside feeling stagnate. Almost useless. Keep your smile and laughter it will help you heal quicker than anything else. And nice tat! I have a couple and will definitely be getting one that shows my triumph over this AVM.