Update on health

Hey everyone its been a while so here's an update on my health. I had my fourth eye surgery to raise my eye more. You can defiantly see my eye a lot better now when I raise my eyebrows. My only problem now is that since surgery I do not have the greatest vision in my left eye anymore. My doctors say it will come back but I am going on three months of recovery and its still the same.
Next I am getting tested for epilesy in three weeks. I am hoping for good results so I can finally lower my high medication. I took a lot of test already and my neurosurgeon said everything is looking good.
Finally I just had my 13th seizure today. I have had 7 seizures since brain surgery a year and almost a half ago. I wonder if I will ever be normal and not have to worry about seizures again. I am defiantly frustrated and hoping my doctor can answer questions for me. I bit my tongue really bad :(
Oh I also have two more surgeries to go before I am done. I am twenty years old and have had six surgeries so far. I caught up to my mom with surgeries.