Update for johnny boy...Its July 19th

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the prayers and comments…I have been extremely busy…I wanted to let you know its been a year since his first diagnos an AVM… Its been six months since his last surgery. We went on the 16th for an MRI to get him checked and we will be getting results on Tuesday…We are going to Believe in GOD…Johnny will be fine. He joine football and im on the edge about it but he wants to…He still on keppra no feeling of sickness or headaches…Still walking in faith and he is so courages. We are always worried about him all the time…Keep us in prayer for this Tuesday OK…Lots of LOVEEEE to all of you and i miss you allll!!! Thanks for your support…Im on Facebook come on aboard there too to keep in touch mention that your are from AVM. Thanks bye

Hi Stella,

I’ll keep Johnny in my prayers.


Hi Stella, I will pray for Johnny and you all for a good result tomorro, best wishes

hi stella,
how time flys by…but so good to hear johnnys doing great…you guys are always in my prayers…i know deep in my heart that jojnnys test results will be fine …but i will say a special prayer anyways…love and best wishes xxx

Hello Stella . Hello John .
Positive thoughts and loving prayers always …