Update 5/19/11

to say least last 2 days have been hell. my doc here in hospital(not normal one i see) accused me of having a mental disorder that could be causing the limited movement in my legs. so he had a psych consult for me today and it was horrible.the lady accused me of hiding from my mother. i know they have to assume that some people hide things from their parents but i am not one that does my mother and i have an awesome relationship and is my best friend. she knows how i feel and on a day to day basis she sees the struggles and recognizes the pain i am in but she also sees me not dwelling on it. but long story short tomorrow i have to psych again for no apparent reason. but i had an eeg done and havent gotten the results back yet. but eeg tech thinks i had a partial seizure. but now they want to check my blood work to determine if i had a stroke.after doing more research on my post lumbar symptoms and knowing stroke symptoms(my mom is a rehab tech who worked with older people in nursing homes). after i went to sleep i woke up and could not move my legs and my right side is significantly worse than the left and despite physical therapy my condition keeps going back and forth back and forth. one mine can lift it 2 inches off bed next cant lift it at all. i have no reflexes in my right leg and only limited reflexes in the left. i think i had a mini stroke in my sleep. my avm is getting worse and because of this my everyday quality of life has deteriorated. but i am trying to be positive so my mom brought me some movies to watch while she takes care of things at home and that way she says i wont feel so alone. but the one thing that has helped me not feel lonely is finding this wonderful site. to be able to talk with people who understand how it feels and understands the terminology and frustrations is just what i needed and i feel it was a god send. until next time everybody keep your head up paradise is coming and when that day comes all of us will never remember the pain of today! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Patrice, Some doctors are terrible in their delivery of news - I am sure he did not mean to accuse you of having a psychological problem, more just recoginising that it could be a possibility as I mentioned in one of my other posts its not uncommon for these types of things to happen with all the stress you are going through. On the other hand its important the doctor's do the right investigations to rule out any stroke and other complications. Chin up, keep us updated. x

omg you are having a really bad time at the moment, but stay positive you know how you feel and what you feel they don't, they will find something soon enough, play along with the psych and she will find it is not that.

Stay strong and take care


You can always vent on this site. You need to. You may not have it, but some AVMs can cause behavioral problems and emotional once. Don’t be upset about them investigating but it is hard when they are telling you, there is no help. One good friend from this site told me there is always help until we are alive and seek it. God bless.