We have to decide on the best treatment for Tylers avm He has not had a bleed but did suffer a stroke any advise on this major decision would be greatly appreciated

My nane is Tim, I have a 4cm AVM on my right Temporal Lobe. I am trying to decide myself if I want Gamma or surgery. I have not had a bleed or anything else. you must think about risks and results. My Doc. said with surgery i WILL have some kind of problem with my left side. How much? How bad? How long? He don’t know. But just rember on the net more ppl will talked more about the bad than the good. With me i’m thinking more about surgery because I don’t think I can handle the stress of not knowing for 2yrs. You need to think real hard. It is not easy at all. After you decide don’t look back and go for it, and after you do what you decide NO what if’s. That can break you. Everyone is Diffrent. What are your opshions? What are your risks for each opshion? Write down pro’s and con’s of each. What can you live with. Have you asked your Doc. lots of questions. What does he say is the best way to go,and Why? Mine says Gamma but not looking like i’m going that way.

hello i am Wendy your son and I have the stroke in common and as a stroke survivor i hate that they can’t operate on me if i could choose from gamma or surgery i would choose surgery i wont have to worry if is gone or still there i have enough to worry about with rehab and all i don’t know how bad your son stroke was but mine was major i had to learn almost everything walk sit stand use my hand i am still working on my hand and not a day goes by when i think if anything else can happen to me with the avm in my head i was treaded with gamma and i still don’t know the out come of the surgery till september one whole year i have to waite to know if i need another surgery

We were told that if they operate he it could have side effects on Tyler’s vision and that he may have to go into rehab again. Tyler spend 4 weeks in rehab so far and is antisipateing another 3, he had to learn the same things as Wendy the use of his right side and his speach were effected pretty badly. I know the thought of waiting for this thing to go away is horrifying but so are the side effects of the surgery, I will let you know what we decided to do and thank you so much for shareing your experiences with me. Good luck to both of you I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep me updated on your recovery.