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Top Facial AVM Doctors, Specialists, Experts?

My surgeon is awesome, but she thought she was treating a vascular malformation and now lab tests show I have an AVM.

Looks like Suen in Arkansas may be the best in the U.S.? But I’ve only just begun to look at this, so I’d like to hear about doctors and other experts I can consult with and where I might possibly go for surgery.


Hi MikeW. I was a patient of Dr. Suen’s as well. He is a brilliant surgeon and extremely compassionate and communicative. Where is your AVM located and where do you live?

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Hi Debra. Dr. Suen looks great. I’ve not been his patient, just heard about him a couple days ago after my AVM diagnosis. My AVM is in my face and was previously called a hemangioma and then a vascular malformation.

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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