The Last Thirty and the next Thirty

Holly mosses.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but on May 11, 2000 almost 20 years next year; 2020. I had just walked from the bus stop to my house at that time(a good jog). Had sat down doing my homework and that’s where this journey started. Through all the physical therapy and homeschooling. Then walking into public school just two short years, after slaying this ugly beast. I just remember thinking that at that time the physical therapist “was mean, pushing me beyond my mental capabilities”. I know you can say what you want about this but, it’s something, to see the reach I’ve accomplished and will push my story beyond these pages. I know what this encounter did to my once h3ll raising youngon in myself and didn’t stop that adventurous streak. When this world kept saying settle, I kept pushing that envelope and in that aspect have reached beyond my means on accident or purposely. It’s nuts I reiterate, it’s astonishing. What this journey has shown that even at my darkest, that I believed, you can be someone else’s light. Like Shinedown says in What a shame. “What a shame, what a shame, that we’re not all the same.” But, know that if it hadn’t turned out that way, I wouldn’t have the buddies and friends, I have today. I’m gratful for those that stuck with me, the ones I had the opportunity to impact and, the one yet too come because if I’ve reached this fare, I can only imagine what the next thirty have in store.