Thanksgiving: grateful to life, hope, recovery, AVM survivors, and ben & ben's friends managers

Six years ago, I slept through thanksgiving, as I was suriving an aneurysm and AVM rupture and the medically induced coma lasted almost a week. I've gone on to complete my MBA, and have an amazing recovery. I get to celebrate my 'second birthday' every year, and on thanksgiving, when I'm irritable from the stress and aggravation (and reminders of those who've gone), I get an incredible gift of insight. I get to know that every day is thanksgiving for me, which quickly erases my irritation with joy and gratitude. My gratitude is deeper than could ever be expressed. To doctors, to family, to friends, and to my AVM family too.

I'm writing this not to celebrate the great luck of a great recovery, but for two reasons. First, if you're able to be with freinds and family on thanksgiving or enjoy great memories of the past, stop to remind yourself that for many of us here, the gift of life is the greatest of gifts because of the season: life, friends, family, love. I forgot that today as the stresses piled on, then I remembered how silly that is. Life is wonderful, and I slept though thanksgiving once. I am blessed every day by the gift of life, hope and great friends and family and lots of love.I have a nearly full recovery, and manage the annoying but minor physical issues that remain. I think to six years ago and how tough every day was, and pray for those on this site who deal with those issues today. You are in my thoughts and prayers often.

Finally, Ben created this wonderful site and his twitter feed is filled with stories of hope over great challenges. His bensfriends continues to expand this gift of love and support to more and more communities of folks sharing great health challenges. On thanksgiving, if we have a pulse and a smile, life is great. Ben's growing support sites bring shared support and will continue to add new members to share the challenges and share the joys.

thanks to Ben, Shalon and all the others who manage this site and the sites. The gift that keeps on giving...

God bless all on thanksgiving. For those outside the US, I hope you have your own version of thanksgiving this thursday. It's our best holiday here in the US since its all about gratitude.

thanks to Cindy for reminding me of the true meaning of thanksgiving, it was getting a bit lost in all the details....

Hey Sharyn! Such a great post and I couldn’t agree with what you said more. :slight_smile:
Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday. It’s wonderful to be thankful for things in life on a daily basis. Granted. But having ONE day set aside to really celebrate all of that. I love it! And it can make that day such a happy and hopeful one.
We are all blessed to have survived whatever our trials have been or still are, and to see the positives that come from it. Of course, even more so to have found “this” place to share it. Ben’s spirit of thankfulness and generosity is something truly awesome.
So many of us have found a “family” here on this site and I know I absolutely thought of so many last Thursday as I spent time with my own family. I was still recovering from an embo, and my dad is still stuggling to progress after his stroke. But being with them, having us together despite health issues…totally the best Thanksgiving to date and more meaningful than any I can remember!
And thanks to Cindy for your reminder as well which led to such a wonderful post and message :slight_smile: I hope your Thanskgiving was wonderful.
xoxo Shalon

Shalon & James- thx for the great posts. My thanksgiving was filled with family & fun. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, I’m so glad to remember ‘just in time’. Life is such a blessing to us all.

Shalon- hope you and your dad feel better each day! I saw how many ben’s friends sites are out there. Wonderful to watch the chain of blessings and support keep growing.

James -so sorry to hear you share ANY of my story, the early days were such torture. Now, every day, except for migraines and some fatigue are pretty good. As you say, by helping others, you choose to live and to give. That’s such a great attitude!