Thanks for all the support

HELLO we would like to thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We are still waiting to find out when luke will be scheduled for his MRI . Where we live the only hospital that dose neurological peadatric mri is in an hour away and there is always a long waiting list even for urgent cases, althought i am sure we will here from them soon. As you all know the waiting is very hard, when we go for the scan i will pack an overnight bag in case they decide to keep him in. I have been caught out like this before without even a comb or toothbrush on me so now i like to be prepared. I think Luke is getting a cold, I hope not or he will not be able to have the anasthetic for his mri. Will keep you posted as i know more.

I just realized that not all of you know that luke had a neurological assesment done a few days ago and because he is loosing his balance more and has more pressure build up behind his eyes he has been booked in for and urgent mri

I am praying for little Luke! Give him a hug for me. :slight_smile: Always remember to cherish the time you have with him and jordan. They will appreciate it later on in life and will thank you for it. I am thinking and praying for your family every single day and I am sure you already know that. I really enjoyed our long chat the other day…it has been far to long. :slight_smile:

Hi Michelle, I am keeping you and wee Luke in my thoughts and prayers, good luck. Amanda

Well now we need to keep our fingers crossed that luke gets over his cold and flu as he needs anashetic for his mri and will not be able to have it if he has a cold. O h the fun just never ends, i am thinking about going into early retirement

The fun never ends, eh Michelle? lol You and Luke are of course in my prayers. Luke is a tough little guy…keep the faith!

Always thinking about you my dear friend. I wish we lived close to each other.

Thinking of you and little Luke and sending prayers for him.

Wondering if you have heard anymore about another appt.??