There are many things in life that are a mystery like the seven wonders of the world, why babies say da da first, why is chocolate so addicting, and what is that strange looking stuff in a can of porkinbeans? Somethings are just meant to remain that way maybe to put some spice in our life! B ut there is something that I don’t understand, why would a very normal healthy person put things in their bodies to make them sick? I know that this question seems elementary, but I don’t get It?!? I;m a 46 year old woman who loves life and for the last 15 years I’ve had to fight just to stay alive,! Honestly I don’t get it! Life is such a precious gift yet I keep seeing and hearing about thousands of people who are fighting on a daily basis to stay alive and there are many who lose the battle.I don’t get it?!? Some how we got it twisted! I know that people are grown and it’s there business if they do drugs,smoke, huff,sniff and all of the other things people are willing to die for just for the sake of doing! I hate the fact that children are dying because of something they didn’t ask for and adults are dying before their time leaving children without mother or father because of an uninvited disease that for many is uncurable. I don’t get it, I just don’t get it! I hope that one day soon the world will wake up and see what’s really going on!