Surgery in April 2011

Well yesterday I met the surgeon at Toronto Western Hospital who is removing my AVM. He was very thorough and a very nice man, I got good vibes from him and have all the confidence I need to get through this now. It's been a long journey so far, but it won't be much longer before they get rid of this thing in my head. Headaches are horrible 24/7 still but the meds do help somewhat. I was a little surprised to know that there will be two procedures a day apart. The first will be embolizing the AVM to reduce the risk of bleeding during my surgery the next day which will be the crainiotomy itself. His name is Dr. Tymianski and his wife Dawn who is an RN there is equally as nice a person, it helps alot to meet your caregivers first I think and you can get a feel for the people taking on this huge task. Everyone I have met so far at the hospital are wonderful and committed people, god bless them. I had planned of having this done in March, but unfortunately they are all booked up and will have to wait until April sometime with 2 months recovery at home after that. I am sure my bosses wont be too happy with that , but they are very supportive nontheless for my well being. I have been off work since the first week of January this year and have never in my entire career taken this much time off, it is quite an adjustment putting myself first for a change and not my job. Just thought I would share an update with you all and hope all is well with everyone here...god bless everyone.

Hi Binky, I will pray for you and I would love to tell you that everything will be ok, I had already 2 embolizalion radiation surgeries and Im really good, some insensibily on my left side. You should know that God will be you and helping the doctors. Keep being positive and the inninaginable will happen.



Binky, I can relate to how you're feeling. I'm having an embolization on Mar8 and craniotomy on March 10. I've missed more work in the past 3 months than ever before. Some people would say that my avm was found by "accident," but I believe that God led the drs. to it. My children and I love my neurosurgeon who is very up front about everything. I have a peace about the surgery, but I stressed for awhile about work and my family. My daughter scolded me and told me to stop worrying about everybody else and think of myself for a change. It's easier said than done, but she's right. I'm beginning to realize that I'm not the only one who can

"fix" things. You sound as though you have your act together and have a good attitude. Faith is all that God asks of us. I pray that everything goes well for you in April and that you have a speedy recovery. Hope your headaches continue to respond to the meds for the time being. Keep looking up to the Great Physician! MS

Hi Binky. I know you must feel better just having a plan in place!!

Hi Binky. Good Luck!!!

Good luck, Brinky. You are very fortunate to have your avm removed. I never knew I had an avm, until it was too late. My avm had to be removed in one part due to the unexpected bleed. The neuro surgeon mention to my husband that the surgery is done in two parts but mine was done on an emergency case. Two parts in one.

I was fortunate too.You will be fine. I'll be praying for you.