Support Group

Does anyone know of an AVM Support Group in either Rhode Island or southern Massachusetts? They have them at Rehab Hospitals. Is that the same as the AVM Support Groups, like the the Orange County Support Group? Or is a group started by AVM Survivors?

Louisa- I am up in Manchester, NH and I don’t know of any in the area- sorry. I don’t mind driving down your way if you want to try to set up a central meeting. I know there are several people in the Boston area, too.

Brian, I would love to do that as far as it’s not in Boston. Having one in downtown Boston would not work for me. But, if we could meet on 495, say in the half way mark between Manchester and northern RI, that would be great! Would you ask the Boston area AVM friends if they would be interested, we could set up a meeting. Say between the Mass Pike and 495…that would be fantastic!

Yeah, downtown Boston wouldn’t be fun. Let’s see if we can stir up some interest. Anywhere halfway is fine with me.

One of the lady’s down South got together with about 5 others at an inexpensive restarant and they just talked. And she said he felt so good to talk to someone who understands! I hope you know other people in this area…I don’t. Stay in touch. Louisa