Sucessfull Day of Driving!

ok…whew! I decided to drive to a dental appointment today, mainly because I couldn’t find someone to take me. I was so nervous because it was my first time driving in almost 2 years. I think I done a great job…lol but when I got to the dentist office my blood pressure was up a little. Probably from being so nervous about driving. But I can say that I done it!!! YAY!!! It is nice to have a little independence back. I’m not sure if I have ever shared my story as to how I have my license right now or not. But I went to the BMV to get them re-newed and they asked the normal questions and asked if I have had seizures in the last 4 years. And since I have had them since my surgery I said yes. They took my license away and I had to find someone to come and pick me up. But they also gave me a paper to send to my neurosurgeon to get permission to drive again. So I filled out all the info on the paper and sent it in. I got it back signed saying it was ok for me to drive. Lol I couldn’t believe it…so just in case I went and got my license back. I later realized they must have gotten my confused with someone else they had as a patient. And I called them and they did. but I already had my license and the pink paper stating that I could drive. So since I always know in advance if I am going to have one I decided to keep them. And yay! I got to drive today. It felt great! I also want to add that I was not putting myself or others in danger…I have ALWAYS known in advance when a seizure is on its way. :slight_smile:

well done brittany…you have done a great job

Congrats & great job. I think I take the freedom of driving for granted!

That’s great! Very brave. I bet your husband was proud too! Keep on goin’!