Stroke/Seizure feedback

Hello all. My mom is 79 years old with a large AVM on the left side of her brain. Yesterday she had what appeared to be a seizure and with weakness on right side of her body. She was sent to our local suburban hospital. They did CAT scan EEG and MRI without contrast. The doctors are saying no evidence of a bleed. However my aunt who is a nurse practitioner and knows my moms medical history believes she had a small blood vessel bleed that caused the seizure. My concern is my aunt believes they should not be giving my mom a statin and aspirin. has anyone experienced anything similar? Should we ask for a consult with AVM specialist? Is there even such a thing? Any feedback would be sincerely appreciated.

Your aunt is a great resource for you,. Always get second / third opinion,. BARROWS institute in Phoenix is a world class neurology center, v they are very helpful and actually care about your situation, best of luck,


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Got it, thanks for your help, I’m a cell phoner so still figuring it
out, you have been very helpful, Tha KS again, take care