Staying Optimistic

I am so glad I found this site, it put things into perspective. I love reading about all your experiences, learning more about the mystery of AVMs and seeing how everyone is so positive! As I was recovering I was in a state of bliss where nothing could bring my spirits down because I was happy to be alive and kicking. However, when I came back to school that happiness quickly faded because the stress (stupid stress… did you know it causes over 90% of illnesses?) put me back into my previous mentality of being a perfectionist. I couldn’t cope with the low marks I was receiving and it took me awhile to set all those unimportant details out of my mind.

The path I was on prior to the injury was dreadful (I was anti-social, focused on school) and my priorities were out of wack. What I found difficult was that friends didn’t (and some still don’t) understand that I am not the same person I was before and can be hard on me sometimes. I am grateful for my avm experience (and consider it a blessing) because it changed me for the better. It sparked my interest in the brain and I am passionate about learning more.

I recommend the following books. They mighty interesting:

Thanks for the list of books, I’m always anxious to ready something more about what happened to me! I was like you and felt so very happy to be alive and nothing bothered me. Then reality set in a few weeks ago and now is when I start to feel down. And yes, it is so frustrating to me that no one understands just how profoundly this experience can change a person. Sometimes I just want to scream, “HELLO, I know I look fine, but I’m not!!” But I suppose we all have good days and bad days. This site is so wonderful in that there is always someone here who will totally understand whatever it is you are going through. It’s so refreshing!

Hi Oksana,

I already read Jill Bolte Taylor’s book and found it fascinating. I just wrote down all the other books that you mentioned and see if I can find them in the university library where I work. Thanks for adding me as a friend.


Hi Oksana, thanks for the list I will check them out. Glad your so positive, keep it.