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Son with AVM, other son now with headaches

My younger son had an AVM rupture 5/2012, had treatment and has done well except for needing to be on seizure medications. His symptoms until rupture were only headaches. My older son told me he has been having headaches intermittently when he works out and lifts a lot of weight. I am freaking out! I have an appointment for him this Saturday. Our primary wasn’t available so I am getting him in to another physician in the group. I will not be able to relax until he has an MRI to rule out an AVM or neuro cause. I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince this physician to do an MRI. I have had anxiety issues since my younger son went through his surgeries. I just needed to vent and scream a little in a safe place.

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Vent. Scream. And fight for the MRI. If you are wrong who cares what anyone thinks of you. Stakes are too high. Hugs.

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Hi Brett_s_mom

I hope all is okay with your sons and that you’re keeping as well as possible throughout this time. I know it must be super nerver-racking but stay strong. Please keep us posted on the latest and if you need to vent or rant just do it - we’re all here to help.



@Brett_s_mom I would be doing the same thing if I were you. When I had my rare stroke CVST and then told my Neuro ( head of Stroke at Stanford) my new symptoms he said there is no way I could have another rare brain thing…DAVF a type of AVM and I said Hello you are just getting to know me…I did of course. Rare stuff just runs in my family so I wasnt shocked. …
Better to rule it out and since he is having headaches when he is lifting weights it would seem something is going on vascular . please keep us updated

Hi @Brett_s_mom

How’s it going? I got my son checked out, having got an AVM myself because he had some signs of possible AVM, so I know how bothersome this is. I’m hoping you’ve been able to see the doctor and make a bit of progress, or are you still waiting?

Very best wishes,


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