So. I was off the steroids! I thought life was good!

I feeling kind of yucky all week. Sort of feel feverish, but don’t pay attention to it. I figured it was just flashes from withdrawal. Wednesday night I feel like I am burning up, so I find the thermometer and discover its at 103.5, Yup. You read that right. Of course this is 10pm. Anyway, I’m thinking the worst: brain swelling, infection, etc.

We get to the ER and they get all of my history (unfortunately I’ve been there before). They ask me a question: have you felt short of breath lately. As a matter of fact, yes. So, in I go for chest x-ray. The doctor says its all milky & hazy which means pneumonia.

So, I was admitted for a night and a day for observation. Pumped full of antibiotics. The diagnoses is that the steroids lowered my immuno response and allowed me to get this. They also did a CT of my head just to be sure and thankfully there were no problems. I’m taking 2 different antibiotics for a week, hopefully it’ll be knocked out soon.

Steroids are mean creatures!!!


Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear about this setback. Hope the antibiotics take care of pnewmonia.

Take care,


Oh Brian. I can’t believe it!! Please rest well. Pneumonia can be so scary if you don’t take is so seriously. I didn’t know that steriods do that to your immune system. Take good care.

rest up, ok,im glad you are home and doing better,wow im sorry you had to go through this mess,crazyyyy

YUP…radiation , steroids…pneumonia…and insult upon injury…antibiotics…you are going for the gold , yes ???
Brian you rest and make yourself well .
Be good to you . Take care of you .
Don’t forget -chicccken soup !!!

Poor Brian! I agree with Marianne; chicken soup does work wonders! I hope that you are feeling better real soon, Brian!

Hi Brian, it’s been a few weeks since you wrote this.
How are you feeling ??