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Self help online resources


Hi all! :smile:

As I have mentioned in my previous post/comments I have benefited alot from going to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It helped me cope with the challenges faced with accepting the diagnosis, life changes, uncertainty ect. I do appreciate however that not everyone has access to free or affordable healthcare for these services.

I asked my therapist for online tools to share here for others to use to try to help navigate through this journey or any other challenges they may face:



(There is also a nhs selfhelp app)


I am hoping this topic could be a platform for people to also share useful free online resources for self help for others to use :hugs:. Also to share their experience with CBT/counselling or other services to help them get through their diagnosis/treatment/recovery.

Love and wishes,


Only you know

What a lot of great list of resources! The Australian link is a treasure trove of all kinds of self-help modules. Iā€™m impressed.

Thank you so much for these.

Seenie from Moderator Support