Seeking for someone to talk to

I can’t help but read everybody’s story and be jealous. I had my rupture August 8th, 2013. I was 22 years old at the time, I am now freshly 25. I have come a long way considering in the beginning I could not talk, move my left side, got sick quiet a bit throughout the day. I’m I still suffer from effects of the stroke like double vision, complete left side numbness (I still have the ability to move my left side though), some parts of my face are numb especially my mouth area which makes it very difficult to eat and talk, ataxia (my limbs are shaky, which makes writing messy), nystagmus (vision is bouncy), I hide my right eye because my eye is now lazy & my lid is droopy, & no balance, which leaves me confined to a wheelchair. I also only type with one finger so this is taking a while, sometimes just the thought of it taking so long will turn me off from doing it. I’ve been suffering like this for two years. The medical system isn’t the best here at all, they can do so much to help me but they don’t. The government pays me less than what I made when I was working. Like can there be something to make me absolutely hate my life even more!
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Hi Cmaz,

I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through. I think you’re incredibly brave. You even said so yourself that you’ve come along way. You sound strong from what you’ve written. I understand you are frustrated by the impact of the stroke. But be proud of how far you’ve come. There are people who give up in situations like that and you definitely didn’t. I hope you can find happiness again. This site is full of support. I read your profile and I hope you’re in a place where you can enjoy your photography. I wish you the best and I hope you don’t give up.

Hi Cmaz,
I’ve got one wise thing to tell you, coming from someone that has lived 16 1/2 years with this don’t sweat the small stuff. Live your life to what you see fit. I’ve went from a nine year old bed ridden too now, a contributing almost 26 year old with a High School Diploma. Anything is possible, Shoot for the Stars in your expectations. Yours Truly,

Hi Cmaz,

Im late on my reply but please don't give up! Im in the same boat as you. Had my stroke/ rupture in July of 2013 months before my 21'st birthday and trust me, I have my days. Things do get better in time and always remember: " This too shall pass."

Best wishes and take care. Im here if you ever want to talk.

Hi Cmaz, I too was left in a very similar situation 24 years ago. Don’t let the AVM be a roadblock, find a way around it to do what you want. It is possible!

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Cmaz, recovery is a long process, but it seems from your post that you are making small improvements and this is what to focus on. Keep fighting and as long as your goals are small you will hit the target :slight_smile: , take care


If your insurance will cover it, or you afford it out of pocket, go talk to a professional. Sometimes its just good to get stuff off your chest. This stuff is a lot to carry and it can weigh heavy on your mind sometimes. The constant up and down days can be draining, as well as the marathon rehab process. Good luck and keep pushing.

Hi Monica,
I don’t use this site much, sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner. I’m going to school next year a craft college . I’m 25 years old now, how old are you now?