Scary looking huge veins all over

"Developmental Venous Anomaly with a huge vein in the frontal sinus and between the eyes, they are all connected, more to the right side, but no obvious fistula or AVM" my son was told today. The bruit is a high riding Jugular vein? It just started in February, but I guess that what it is regarding the Angiogram. NO venous pooling. That is a good news, too.

He still has very sharp, short headaches in the right occipital region, but we will see.

He is due to a new MRI in November to check on the Meningioma. This time, we totally ignored that issue.

My theory is that after the laser surgery on the big vein between the eyes, the pressure in the whole venous system was disturbed. (Never-ever touch any vessel on the face. I should of know this.) Hopefully there will be no more complications.

Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts, prayers and friendship.

I would like to stay in touch and visit here, you are like a family to us.

You know I will be praying for you and your family!

Thank you Barbara. I know that you do. Hopefully everything will work out. The Cardiologist appointment is on June 16th, he will do a new ECHO. If the right side of his heart is good I will be less worried.

I missed this post! That is good news but sounds complicated all the same!

I hope he stays well and doesn't have any more problems. Please stay in touch.