Round 1 down!

On March 15th 2012 I completed my first Embio!! So good to have that behind me! They did the Angio and Embio together and took 5 hours to get done what they could! Sadly the Doctor said my AVM is so complex there was not much he could get done in that time. I guess the AVM is very curvey and even though it is on the left occipital reagion it has feeders comming all the way around the right side of my head. Doctor said he glued off what he could and we will go back in at the beginning of May to try again!! Sadly the noise in my ear is now louder but that might just be because of the trauma my head just went through!! Other than a little sore on the left side of my scalp and my left ear is wicked sore I am doing great! I didn't have to take any pain meds in the hospital and am not on any right now either...I am soooo lucky!!!! My doctor is going to a conference on April 23rd and is going to take my Angio with him and confer with some other Doctors to see if they have delt with one like mine before and if maybe Gamma Knife would be a good way to go. I just wanted to take the time to update all of my wonderfull friends I have met here!! I couldn't have gotten this far with out all your terrific support!!! I will keep you updated on what my Doctor finds out and when my next procedure is scheduled!!! At least we are moving ahead with a plan!!!! Hope all is well for everyone on this beautiful day and God Bless!!!

Hang in there JessAnn...Stay Strong!

Ive been wondering how you were doing. I’m sorry your surgeon couldn’t get it all with one surgery. It’s good that you aren’t in pain, though. I will continue to pray for you.

Thanks guys I couldn't have gotten this far with out the strength and prayers from thank you!!!

Congrats im glad everything went well~~~~~~
Prayers are with u always

Thank you Nay!! Hope you are feeling well as you prepare for your round 2!!!

Take care, JessAnn & hang in there!

Thanks Patti!!! We will keep on fighting!!! ;)

Thank You Ninibeth!!!! Staying Positive for the Next go round!!!!!