Rolling a Strike!

It was back in the year of my AVM, and I was still somewhat weak and as I wrote in one of these accounts...I had lost quite a bit of weight in the hospital.

Well, our daughter and her boyfriend asked if my wife
and I wanted to go bowling with them, and we said yes, although it had been years since we had been. I wanted to go and play, but I was so weak that I considered just going with them, and sitting there while they all played. But I did go and I did play.

I had lost so much weight that every time I would roll
the bowling ball it would throw off my balance and
I had to be careful that I would not fall down. This
happened every time if I recall. My daughter was good
at it and she got a good score, but my wife did not do
well and daughter's boyfriend could not get the ball
to go just right. So daughter won and I was in second
place. My score was not good, like about 94, but under
the circumstances I was just happy to have bowled and
not fallen on my face, and to have finished the game.

We have to try to play the game, do we not? If we just
sit there and not try then we will never get better,
we will just rust. Life is the same way. We have to try
to come back and if we do then in time we may be
able to participate in life once more, like we used to.

Can you try? I know that you can, and in time you may
surprise yourself and the others, like I did that day.

Hi John and thanks for sharing your story with us, It brought a smile to my face as I read it :) , I too lost a lot of weight in hospital even though during my second Craniotomy (Approx 20 pounds in a week) and I too felt weak but kind of great also as I was sure that my AVM was gone :) , I totally agree with your positive attitude and yes we all should try to make sure that we surprise ourselves ! :) , Take care and thanks again.


Thanks Martin,
You had two crainiotomy procedures? Wow, one nearly did me in.
I congratulate you for living through that and for coming back!

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