About an hour and a half ago I had a severe pain at the base of my skull and top of my neck. Along with that pain came a /very similar sensation to the one I experienced just as my first bleed began. Then I grabbed my cordless phone and pressed 911 so that all I needed to do is press talk. I then grabbed a drink of water and layed down, by then, the pain had subsided but the sensation had not… Laying down just thinking about my head and the sensation I felt, trying to decide if this was another hemorrhage. Then the sensation subsided so I layed down and tried to sleep. I was having no success in the first 10 minutes and then the sensation came back. So I sat up and grabbed the phone, again pre-dialed and now here I am waiting, wondering, not sure what to do. Now it’s been about 2 and a half hours since the initial pain, and the sensation has now subsided and it’s now 5 am so I am going to try and sleep.

Hey Chris,
Hope all is OK, At least call your doc in the AM and let them know what happened. Let us know.

YOu should go to the ER. The sooner you get to the hospital - the better your odds at survival are, and also if you did suffer a bleed - the sooner you get there means the less chance of having a disability affect you. I hope you went to the ER and that all is well

Please call

Please call your doctor. Hopefully all is ok, but better to check. Thinking of you…

All is fine, I will be talking to my neurologist about it. The doctors have said there is no chance of a rebleed. Just the sensation I was having was all too familliar.

At least call a friend who can take you for a friendly ride to the hospital. Better waste the gasoline and not your life.

Glad to hear you’re fine. I like Al’s advice (if this ever happens again)…call a friend. You shouldn’t be alone when you feel pain and aren’t sure what to do. I am so lucky that my husband was home when I had my bleed - if he hadn’t been in the same room with me and heard me call out for help, I wouldn’t have lived. Within 2 minutes after the pain started, I fell, couldn’t get up and couldn’t talk. Next time call someone to check on you. We care about you and don’t want to see anything happen to you. Your friends won’t mind a phone call in the wee hours if it guarantees you are safe.