Re-Posted with additional information -b Excersise and seizure co-incidence or time to be worried

Hey Everyone,

I have a small AVM on my Left Temporal Lobe that was treated with Radiotherapy in March 2012.

Since the Radiotherapy the AVM is still there and not shrank, but hopefully the treatment will work.

Due to seizures,5 in total in 14 months I am on Lamotgrinine, 150mg each day split into 75mg morning and night.

My question is exercise is it coincidence that seizures I have had appear to happen after high intensity exercise,

I train 5x a week Cardio (Running and Spinning, plus do weights and always have done and plan on doing Ironman in June 2013.

I had a 'Blip' on Monday night after a spinning class,

Can anyone shed any light on this for me and what’s your thoughts on exercise?

Do you think the Lamotgrinine dose needs to be increased?

My consultants Mr Eldridge - MA MB MChir (Cantab) FRCS CCST Neurosurgery from Walton Neuro has said it perfectly ok for to continue to exercise.. what’s your thoughts

Many Thanks


If you have an active AVM, cardio by increasing your circulation puts more pressure on those fragile vessels and could certainly increase the likelihood of seizures or even a rupture. Many members here are advised by their doctors not to participate in exercise that is so intensive. Let your experiences be your guide.

Since you have observed the connection between your exercise routine and seizures, please consider whether training for Ironman is worth the risk to your health. Could you delay participating until the radiotherapy has had a chance to work? Increasing the dosage of an anticonvulsant can bring its own problems and will not stop a possible rupture.

Hi Helen,
I agree with Dancermom.
I personally can't believe your dr. approved of your workout routine. Anything that raises your blood pressure and raises your heart rate puts you at risk for a bleed to occur. My drs. forbid me to any kind of intense workouts. At the time - I was working out 6 days a week, 2 to 4hrs a day. I had to stop. The risk of having a stroke and possibly being paralyzed didn't seem worth it to me.


Helen,... for me to stop training, in my case studying... I was a martial artist at the time. Was the worst thing I ever had to give up. I still miss it to this day.

I believe for you to wear a BP monitor while you are training would be a good investment. As far as what your max of your BPM should be... That I don't know. Is what I would do is, go by how you feel at different rates and make notes of it. I think it's going to be one of those things you are going to have to "play" with. When you are confident of what your comfort level is. Try to stay within that range.
Remember - as long as you still have the AVM, you are living with the risk of bleed or a stroke. I say this with love. I would hate to see something happen to you.


Dear Ben and Dancermom,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your reply and I really appreciate and respect
Your honesty.
I train daily, my consultants are aware of this, running 10 miles is just a trot out
I attend spinning classes daily.

Please please believe me that I have asked about exercise and on all appointments
Mr Eldridge and even his registrar has told me that exercise is fine just to keep having
My blood pressure monitored by my GP.

Ben, it must of floored you to stop training and I can't even comprehend how stopping
Must of gutted you. Training is my life.. MY LIFE! .. I've bought a heart rate monitor with
Blue tooth watch to keep my eye on my heart rate.
How many BPM do you think should be my max?
Should I invest in a BP monitor to wear whilst training?

Many many thanks for your time and helpful advice x
Helen. Xx

Helen, I found this discussion for you:

Lots of fellow sports enthusiasts here, and some others interested in Iron Man.