Praying some more

A very rough day today. Mitchel's AVM started bleeding again and he was taken into emergency surgery this afternoon. The doctors embolized the front part of the AVM and reduced the blood flow to it by about 50 percent. They were very optimistic when they briefed us that this didn't cause any damage other than some possible weakness to one leg. If everything goes well they plan on doing another surgery either tomorrow or Monday to embolize the back of the AVM. We ask for your continued prayers as the next surgery will pose more risks than the one today

You have our prayers, hope. Please keep us updated.

More prayers on the way!

Sending prayers of strength and courage... and faith.....

Thank you guys... he had a very ruff night last he is very confused and pulling at his tubes... so he had a ct scan like every morning and we are just waiting for the dr to make his rounds i hope the ct scan is better then yesterday.. yesterday some of the swelling went down hopefully there is more today... if something comes up then they have to do emergency surgery today instead of monday.. this is very hard since i haven't been through this before with him like he had the first time but this time is worse then the 1st it's scary and it's even worse becauase i cant be with him do to rules and stuff cause it's only immediate family so it makes it harder because he is in st paul mn and thats 4 hours away and we all live in north dakota esepically since christmas is coming i am hopeing for a miracle.

I am praying for God's power through the surgery. Also praying for strength and his unspeakable peace for the family. May God bless you richly and Merry Christmas to you all. Remember, there is nothing in this world that God is oblivious to. He created us,loves us, and he allows all things that He may receive glory. Never forget to thank God, even when it doesn't make sense. My son had AVM surgery at age 23 and I know how faith to be stretched to the max.! Will be praying.

I will pray with you also. My husband is a Pastor who also had AVM, and three surgeries. Presently in a rehab.