Post Op

Hello guys,

Well its been about 2 months since my surgery. The embolization was a pretty successful procedure. Going in to te surgery my doctors told me they would try to get as much as possible. Overall they got about 90 percent. Im trying to decide if i want to obliterate the rest with a cranitomy or radiation. All though the embo went safely the procedure itself did not. After i was whealed out of the OR I went into cardiac arrest. Then a 2nd time 2 days later. I was told by the doctors I almost died on both occasions so they canceled my craniotomy until my heart gets better. They diagnosed me with a heart condition known as a atrial tachycardia. So today I’m feeling normal im getting back to myself one step at a time. My heart condition is totally treatable and curable. It was brung on by the stress of the surgery on my body. I’m a little woman. lol So its been a long road. But im thankful to be so strong. Thank you for all you support guys! I really appreciate it. Your words helped fight harder !


Wow Tiffani scary stuff. glad to hear you are starting to feel normal again and am thankful that the heart condition is curable and that you are strong too. Keep fighting the good fight day by day.

I’m so glad that you are getting better…how scary!

yeah i know ! totally scary but it wasnt my time yet :slight_smile: