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Post-embolization pain?

In short, I had several large pulmonary AVMs that were 99% blocked up (according to the radiologist) on January 12th, with one small AVM that they're going to keep an eye on. This sounds great, but unfortunately I'm having intense chest pain in the area of the AVMs, just like I had intermittently before I got the procedure.

My question, then, is this: is there any reason that your doctors have given for this kind of intense chest pain? It's been going on for a few days now, and doesn't seem to be going away. I would have thought that the chest pain would go away with the AVMs, but perhaps (and I hope) I'm wrong.

Thank you for your input on this!

Only can guess:

Increased blood pressure due to no AVMs might cause pain.

The "probe" is all the way up to the AVM (most likely), and it might be a type of bruising pain from it.

Only a guess, sorry.

ron, ks

I had a PAVM rupture so they coiled mine and I was in pain for almost a month,but I also had a chest tube and they had to go in a remove the blood clot that built up in my chest from the rupture. All that happened back in june of 09 and still to this day every once in awhile I feel like a stab or pressure from where the avm got coiled.