Please discuss the extent of your recovery after AVM surgery. "After surgery I was -----, but now I have recovered ---- functions."

hi kellie a valuable advice thank you so much

My father had an embolization for an aneurysm in June. He came out of surgerylooking and acting severely damaged . He was unable to walk, talk, swallow, had double vision, and was confused all the time. He was in ICU for 3 weeks and during that time suffered a severe stroke which I believe was due to complications from the surgery. He spent 6 weeks in the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago learning how to walk, talk, and eat again. Then, he spent the next 90 days at a nursing/rehab facility. Then he had a month of home rehab after he moved in with my family and is now back at RIC doing outpatient therapy. His vision has not improved, he has poor decision making skills, bad memory, and very bad balance which results in falls almost daily. I am unable to leave him alone for any amount of time because it inevitably leads to another fall. The doctors did not tell us that this would be the outcome or even let us know there was a chance this could happen. He was walking, talking, and actually waiting in the parking lot for the ambulance after the initial MRI that caught his aneurysm. I fear he won’t improve anymore than where he is now. Hopefully your niece has age on her side. The brain is a wondrous thing.

This is insane, but this post was actually about me last year. I don’t know why it’s reappearing, but happily, I’m all better now. It did really help my family with all of your responses though, so thanks!

Hi Meg,
After the surgery I had left sided weakness, but after 6 months I've recovered my legs and my hand movement partially. I'm still unable to open my fingers. I'm still undergoing rehab. I hope your niece gets well soon!