Please, AGAIN: do not post email addies or phone numbers

Dear AVMsurvivors members,

Sorry to have to repeat this, dear members, but it’s really important that you do not allow your phone number, email address, or physical address appear on the community. See the longer explanation below.

If you are using the “reply by email” feature, please be sure your email doesn’t contain a signature with your email address or phone number! Better to use the “Visit Message” image button to post directly on the site.

Seenie and TJ from Admin.

All member message ( @trust_level_1 )

From our previous post:

It’s all about your online safety. We’ve said it before, and we are saying it again: DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR YOUR PHONE NUMBER! (Sorry to be using my “outside voice”.)

You signed up with a screen name. You didn’t give details of where you live. You told about your condition understanding that it would be visible only to your fellow members. All of that keeps you safe from being identified by relatives, lawyers, insurance companies, the government and nosey neighbors. That maximizes your online anonymity and safety. And that’s the way we want it.

When you post your phone number, physical address, or your email address in a discussion, it is visible to the public and to web crawlers, scammers and spammers all over the world. You are jeopardizing your online safety. OK, maybe you don’t care. But other people see that, innocently do the same, and put their safety at risk. And that’s NOT OK with us.

By all means, if you want to trade email addresses or phone numbers with your fellow members, go ahead! But please do so safely, via a private message. It’s easy to PM:

  • tap the other member’s avatar, then
  • tap “Message” and away you go.

So: if we see phone numbers or email addresses posted, site moderators or modsupport will remove them. If you make a habit of it, we may have to suspend you. And that wouldn’t be nice for you, or for us.

Please do your part to keep everyone safe and private here.


Seenie and the ModSupport Team


OK, thx!

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What a BOZO I am! :slight_smile:

I will do my best NOT to give out personal info, but I think, because of my major TBI, I sometimes FORGET important details about keeping my info here more private. I will try harder to keep myself safe.


BoxBarge, that’s why we keep an eye on things, so that if you forget …

Hope you are having a good day in other respects. :wink:


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YES, YES, YES, Seenie, I do my BEST to always focus on my life POSITIVES. THAT always works!

Fantastic. Now explain to me why you have the intriguing screen name. :thinking:


‘BoxBarge’ you are wondering about, I think, Seenie? I am 59 yrs old right now, but when I was just a little girl, my oldest brother John, who I adored, gave me Box Barge as just a silly nickname. As you can tell, I have never forgotten it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! What an interesting name for a kid brother to pick for a little sister. I love it. Now it is not only intriguing, but a lovely story.

My screen name came about because many years ago, when I was joining Ben’s Friends, my brain was so scrambled that I couldn’t think of one. Ya, I was in bad shape, staring at the sign up sheet. Just then, husband came home from having walked the dog, and I heard him say “Where’s Seenie?” That was my doggie nickname, the signal for him to hunt me down. Little did I know that years later I’d be all over Ben’s Friends using it. LOL The dog is long gone, but the name lives on.

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Good one, Seenie!

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