AVM Survivors Network

Pelvic And Uterine GROUP



I have created a @PelvicAndUterine group, which means that you can join that group. If you join, any member of the group who created a post will trigger messages to you.

Let me know how being identified in the group works for you. We could change the notification settings if it drives everyone mad, or you can leave the group, which means the notifications stop just for you.

If membership needs managing a bit, it might be that one or two of you take on managing membership of the group. Lets see how it works and what we like / dislike about it. I’m trying to help a minority area stand together even better.

To join the group, click on @PelvicAndUterine and select Join Group

Hope this helps,



I’ve added as many current Pelvic and Uterine members as I can find to the group. Do let me know how you get on.