On the eve of my 3rd Anniversary

I don't recall the exact time it occured but this date range by 5/4/12 I was semi-comatose as a result of my AVM caused hemorrhagic stroke. Sounds so melodramatic, considering I remember so little of it.
It was just a bit before my 51st birthday. A month before the 24th anniversary of my AVM diagnosis. Okay, that's moving from melodramatic to Lord of the Ringsy.
I guess to the newly diagnosed, there's a future. A future that is your responsibility to take hold of. To those of us who are "old hands", ain't it something what we can do by putting one foot in front of the other (literally or figuratively)?
Ever forward people, ever forward!

Oh, yeah ... my wife said something to me about finally understanding how my medical condition affects me or something like that. It was good, kind and I really wish I could remember exactly what it was beside it being positive.