Not myself

Its been almost a year since my avm rupture and im all over he place! Not myself anymore…i dont control my emotions well!! Some family thinks its ok to say smart remarks about my memory or my injury!! I either cry or get so mad!

Hi just me. I looked up where you live in Ohio for I have a brother who has lived over 35 years near Cleveland. I hope venting a little in this posting was therapeutic for you. I have 2 young adult children but there were lots of stressful times when they were very young like your children. Your frustration is understandable and when combined with an AVM rupture, yow, I salute you! Have you perused the over 70 sub-groups you can join located under the Groups tab at the top of this page. I know there are other members from your state in the mid-west survivors sub-group. Best wishes to you.