Next Aventure

Well I had a wonderful time in Maui it is so beatiful there and though the flights were hard it was well worth the trip. I am still trying to recover since we just arrived home last night but I am ready for the next adventure tomorrow my sixth embolization. I am staying positive though a little scared and know everything will go well. Not looking forward to getting up at three in the morning. lol Plus my poor dog thinks I am leaving him for good. He was so excited that I came home and now I am leaving him again for a couple days. He does not do well when I leave. I could not thank my husband enough for taking me on this beatiful trip!

So glad to see u had a wonderful time in HI! No worries about tomorrow, nothing u haven’t already done before. You will do great! Thoughts and prayers. -GK

Great to ‘chat’ with you this morning Lee Ann. All the very best tomorrow, and yes, you are in good hands. Thoughts and prayers as always, Lesley.

What a great way to prepare…a beautiful trip with your love. That’s living. Now you have some wonderful memories to focus on while you deal with the embolization. You will be in my prayers tomorrow. Maybe not at 3am, but as soon as I wake up. :slight_smile:

Hey! Glad you had a nice trip to Hawaii :slight_smile: Good luck tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and of course that you look fabulous at the hospital :slight_smile: And yes, the poor dogs are so sad when we leave. We haven’t gone to pick up our pup from last weeks surgery and he must think we’ve abandoned him. At least I know he is spoiled at grandmas house!

Glad you had a great trip. Keep those beautiful images in your mind as you aregoing through your embilization. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Take care,


Thank you everyone for you thoughts and prayers. All went well doctor said he is chipping away at the AVM and they said I am a trooper! Shalon got a pic in my gown (not the best but will post) and it made me feel good. I am feeling a little rough and hope to get back to normal soon. They want me down for two weeks after this one. He feels two more and then back to radiation. Talk to everyone soon! All my best to all of you. xoxoxoxo

Glad you had a wonderful time in a beautiful place, such as Hawaii! Glad your procedure went well and you’re home resting!

Great news! Stay strong:) Talk to u soon. -GK

Glad to hear your trip was so good. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the embo. And welcome home!