Neurosurgeon "follow-up" appoinment

Hello everyone, so here is the update I promised from the Neurosurgeon appointment this morning. We are expecting to hear from the schedulers the first week of January- just after the new year. Here is a further breakdown; we are trying to get two doctors Dr. Ling (the neurosurgeon) and Dr Zylak (the Intravenous surgeon) to coordinate schedules, enabling me to make one trip into the hospital for a total of 3-5 days (if no problems present—crosses fingers and prays to God he’s still sticking with our plan) So far, it appears it will be probably be the third or fourth week in January. This is dependent on Dr Zylak’s schedule and if he can squeeze me in— I will of course let you know as soon as we know.

They are taking the incision mark from the outside tip of the my left eyebrow- diagonally across to my right ear, thereabouts and will descend about half way down the right side of my forehead. They will be shaving a portion of my head- not all, basically the portion where the incisions will be going. Needless to say, I’m already looking into some wig shops and will be calling a few beauty shops for some new hairstyles. IT appears I may have to rethink my opinion on bangs- laughing- as I will not want the scare to show and while I don’t think it will be severe- I know I’m just TOO self conscious for that.

Anyway, the family and I have already started making arrangements for my trip home, surgeon says 6 weeks of no ‘strenuous’ activity. So we are stocking up on some books, crocheting and a few other things to keep me busy but still resting while I recuperate. It appears we have finally reached the top of this monstrous hill we started up in September and finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

My thanks to all who have had me in their thoughts and prayers, it is very much appreciated and welcomed and I hope to update you all again as soon as I have a surgery date. I truly appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from everyone and am not sure the family and I could’ve made it this far, this long, without you.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s and I will update you all further when there is more to tell—next year – laughing.