Need help in contacting a doctor

Hi all, I’m Melvin. I’m a rather new member here because I haven’t said hi:) I created a thread before and met @DickD @parneish @Sharon_D. I’ve changed significantly after I came here so thanks to all of you.

I have facial avm over my left side and there hasn’t been significant change with my treatment. I also developed an ulcer over the avm which hasn’t healed for 3 years. I’m following few advises I got here and if anyone has had any firsthand experience with treating the ulcer, please do share. More importantly, I need to contact an experienced doctor via email and share my condition including the ulcer. I’ve heard Dr. Suen here and if you advice, do help me to contact. Or is there any other suggestion, especially by those at @Facial or @Extremity. I’m asking for email because I’m in India and I can’t travel initially for consultation.

Any help or even a hi would be great!


If you need to contact Dr Suen, I think these are his details:

But I hope others in the Facial or Extremity groups might share the details of their favourite doctor.

Best wishes,


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Thanks alot for your support Richard. But i still can’t find his email. Seems like they keep it less public:(

And yes, i hope someone will have more info. I’ll also keep searching. Thank you!

I didn’t find an email for Dr Suen himself but there is a page (and email) for overseas patients: