Nature of The AVM Beast (Two)

Well, miracles do happen...............A couple of weeks ago, I did a post re: social security forms frustration. Today I went to an appointment from SS, re: my (supposed) employment pathway!! Thanks heavens we (husband and I) went as we found a woman who understands how difficult it is for those of us with brain injuries to go through the hoops with Centrelink! She was able to find out that my application for disability pension has been accepted...yeah!!, and I no longer have to take forms in every fortnight...what a relief! Even better, she phoned an organisation who want volunteer workers...yeah, yeah!

So, we went there after seeing this wonderful lady and have applied for a volunteer position with 'Headway', who help people with brain injuries!!!! and what better place for me to work. I will have to get a 'yellow' card to be able to work with people with brain injuries, (quite ironic really ), then, I will be starting work, probably after Christmas as it takes some time to get the 'yellow' card through 'the system'.

I feel so much better, knowing that I will be able to help others, not those just like me (as there's not many of us) but to contribute to society in an area where not many want to work. I have been told that I will probably find this quite confronting, however, I will give it my best shot!

To all of you who helped me though this, my thanks for your help and support.......I couldn't go through any of this without you all. Take care my friends, luv Lesley.xx

Congratulations Lesley, I know that is a huge relief to you. Also great that you are going to be doing volunteer work. I’m in the process of getting information about that also. Trying to do some volunteer work either at the rehab facility or with the Brain Injury Assoc. in my area. And if you do run in to difficulties, at least you’ll be with people who understand!!


Congrats Lesley I am so happy for you!