My terriblest, awful week from hell

I take pain meds (narcotics) as prescribed by a Pain Doctor who also does trigger steroid injection into my venous malformation of left perineal area, buttock to mid thigh. I have been with this Pain Clinic for 8 yrs. He and his Nurse Practitioner understand that if I don't have the trigger injection and oxycodone then I am severely activity restricted.

Well, on Sunday the pill bottle was in my robe pocket and I "proudly" put it in a special place to I could find it the next AM. Never found that bottle again. It had about a wk's worth of pills. After searching house (which, of course caused my VM to swell and cause PAIN) I decided I just had to call the pain clinic. I had not doubt they would believe me. I am 58 yrs old with a chronic life-mitigating handicap. Do I look like I sell drugs. Or that I wd take a wk's worth all at once? No, but they wanted a police report of missing narcotics, mentioning that I have a 23 yr old daughter in the house. None of her friends were over all w/e and she never shows signs of being on narcotics. She certainly has no tolerance; b/c sometimes I give her a half pill for severe menstrual cramps. She is totally knocked out.

Police Officer laughs at the request for report; says I'd have to file it at headquarters and it would take 5 days to complete report. Called pharmacist (there is a contract you sign and one of the conditions is that you use the same pharmacy. Fair enough) Called back Pain Clinic and was told that the Police Report is DEA policy (it's not; I spoke to an agent who is a cousin . Strangely they are not furloughed with the gov't shut-down) Whatever, it is their policy and I had to accept it. They are closely monitored by DEA and one of the biggest lines of a drug addict is "I lost my bottle". Maybe they were being supervised closely b/c someone lied to them.

Okay, I had to plan on how to deal with this situation. I would never ask my brother the doctor; writing a narcotic script for a relative is dangerous for him. Aside from the pain there is the issue of withdrawal after 48hrs. None of us want to admit it; but it's not pleasant. Didn't sleep much, my legs HURT and I was irritable, jumpy. Today I was able to get my prescription filled; it was the normal time of 30 days. So basically it was 3 days of pills I lost. So glad it's over.

What a drag! I'm glad you have your new prescription, Eileen.

Hi Eileen,

Being on a narcotic myself (dilaudid). I know all about the problems we can go through if we lose or if something happens to the rest of our prescription. The drs are bound by law not to write another script till it's the proper time. However, not all pain meds are a narcotic and I think he could have been able to give you something different for those few days. I can usually get vicodin on top of my dilaudid, if it is necessary. Such as - for a severe migraine or from my dentist if I have an abscessed tooth or something like that. It's only for 3 or 4 days but, that's all I need it for at the time.

I have to admit - I found it funny too that they wanted you to file a police report for a few lost pills. :)