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My sight development (post embo occipital AVM)

Hi all,

Had my visual field tests at the hospital today and felt like my vision progress deserved its own post. To look at the rest of my embolisation story check out this post:

So as you may know, before my embolisation, I already had sight loss due to brain damage to my left occipital lobe. This was due to my aggressively high flow AVM starving it of blood supply.

Here are the pre-embolisation visual field test results:

Right eye

Left eye

Then I had my embolisation where I suffered further tissue damage from a stroke during my op and additional sight loss due to excessive swelling:

Right eye

Left eye

Now I am swelling free, this is my sight now which is what I am left with due to tissue damage:

Right eye

Left eye

At this point 5 weeks post embolisation I am now confident to go out unattended, without any aid. I would not say I would be comfortable traveling a great distance or unfamiliar locations but still very happy with progress.

Happy with my sight progress too! :raised_hands:

Free to ask me any questions :slight_smile:

Best of wishes,


Well, it looks like you’ve got a bit of upper right sight back, which is what you thought you could see, so it confirms the progress you thought you had made.

I’d like to think with time you’ll get more back. I’d be amazed if you got better beyond your starting pics but that would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? :+1:


Eep just realised I made some errors in terms of ordering the photos, corrected now. Yes! I am glad I was right and not imagining things :sweat_smile:

Heres to hoping :crossed_fingers:

But in all honesty If I can be AVM free with no less than the sight I was left with 4 days post surgery, I will count myself a very happy and grateful girl! Anything more than that is something I count as an amazing additional bonus :star:

No further developments till may-June when I have my angio other than seeing a neurologist to discuss my EEG and visual disturbances. So will have to keep my mind off the future possibilities with treatment and enjoy the now :raised_hands: