My history

Well, don't know what to put up on here but here it goes... Just a brief summary...

I had a seizure back in 2001, after tests and scans I discovered that I have 4. They operated on the left side (first AVM) of my brain which is what caused the first bleed and I was so scared since it involved my motor and speech. After surgery, I was doing okay recovering until the swelling started. I literally could not say anything. My mind knew what I wanted to say and in my mind I was but according to my family I made no sense what so ever. Due to the MRI, CT scans, etc. there are 3 more in my brain. One is of the right side, one in the pons, and one in the front. 5 years later, my second one bled on my right side. That was operated on as well.

Oh before I forget, my AVMs were done by Dr. Lawton at UCSF. Sorry about that...

So the one on the Pons... I would get check ups here and there but by this time I am now under KP. Different atmosphere since it's up to how KP diagnoses or does things where before I had the freedom to see who I wanted and at any time. KP you have to go through hoops to get where you want to go sometimes.

Well if you do or don't know about the pons, this is a very sensitive area where nobody wants to operate due to the delicate nerves and fibrous tissue that ultimately does everything. I guess it bled or was discovered on Wednesday and I had to go under observation (February 2011). They have suggested they will not do anything since I am not showing signs at all that deals with this area like tingliness, tongue movement, etc. They would just keep me under observation. I was recently released on the 18th of February 2011.

I know that's a pretty un-detailed history but just wanted to start something of why I am here...

My thoughts and prayers are here for you, Dennis. I liked your poem, keep on thinking as positive as you can…it’s really all we can do.

hi, how long more or less did it take for the words to come out the right way? my husband has expressive aphasia and we are dealing with this issue now… its been 7 weeks since the procedure. will he get back to normal?

Hi Dennis. I’m glad you found the site and posted your story. You have been through a lot but keep on fighting. We’re all here for you. By the way, my aunt was treated by Dr. Lawton also. She and I are involved in a case study that he and UCSF are doing. I’ve only talked to him on the phone but he seems like a great doctor. Good luck to you.

Dennis, I wanted to add that I also had Dr. Lawton at UCSF for my surgery. I think he was a great doctor.