Muscle weak

Morning Everyone

Past few week i noticed that muscle on my right face seem to be weaken. I went to
see a few GP & they noticed the difference. Some said is due to the AVM while
others said is mild stroke that caused by the AVM.

What would happen if my facial muscle weaken day after day, i'm scare.

Would like to know does anyone have this experience?

Thank you very much

Desmonil, I haven’t experienced your symptoms, I had it all happen at once. You’ve seen your doctors, which is good, but don’t hesitate to go again if you continue to see progression or have concerns.
Radiosurgery takes time, but time flies. We’re with you, Desmonil. Stay strong and positive, and have hope. :slight_smile:

Hi Tim

Thank you for the encouragement.

Past few days i went to hospital & they did a CT follow by MRI.
There is no sign of stroke & report show my AVM is stable.

Btw Tim, from Feb till Aug i already did 7 CT & 7 MRI.
Any idea is it bad for health? I'm going for a another MRI this 26th
which i worry about.

Goodday :)