More info!

Hi all! I haven't been on for awhile, because I haven't had any new information. I just got back from my latest appointment with a specialist. I am scheduled to have an angiogram and EEG July 2 & 3. I will then have a Wada test to check my memory. After these tests are done, I will discuss with my doctor my treatment options. I feel that I am in very good hands, and feel today's appointment went very well. Hope to know more soon!

Hello jacey. All the best with your tests. It is really good that you have faith in your doctors!

Best of luck to you sweetie!! I know from a mom point how scary it is, so I can only imagine it from your point. Sadie is 11 and is AVM free to the best of our knowledge!! Hers was like yours as I am sure you know in the right temporal lobe and also took years of not knowing what was wrong with her. Please ask any questions any time! I don't always get on here but you can email me anytime!! Take care and stay strong. It's going to be okay!

Thank you so much! It means so much knowing I have people to relate to!