Memory loss

Ruling out strokes, what else can cause long term short-term memory loss? Beginning roughly one year after gamma knife surgery, my mom began showing both signs of St memory loss and having absent seizures. Once she had her big seizure back in November, she had almost zero St memory. And, though it did improve, it isn’t near normal. Can seizures cause memory loss and if so is it permanent or temporary?

hi i have problems with my short term memory. ive had stereotactic radio surgery twice 20 years after a bleed when i was 18. also habe temp lobe seizures. my dr said that as my avm, bleed then radiotherapy were all in an area which is imp for memory also many years ofseizures all affect the memory. i sympathise its very frustrating.

Depends on stress or depression , until they are resolved through time and communication, memory lapses will continue as short term memory cannot focus else where. In my case my healing is much better since I discovered my wife never married me for love, but to maintain an image of a family rather than a family. After 13 years of being in a married, trying please someone who in my view was a controlling bully, I initiated moves to free myself, in turn making me happy and I’ve begun to remember better.

My mom’s St is bad. Each burst emotion doesn’t just temporarily hinder it but almost damages it. I don’t know if these fits of rage and depression are because of her emotions to her illnesses or the illnesses themselves or meds. She was told to work puzzles and games. No matter what I say or do, she has no motivation to do them. This is not my mom. I was born sick. Should have died at least once year each year of my life. She taught me to fight. I need to just help with memory because that is what kills her inside. Any help would help.

Hi Jamie,

My short term memory started to decline 2 years after I had GK. I have two drs. who believe it's from the GK and NOT from the long term effect of having an AVM. I've been tested for my short term memory (3 yrs after GK) and it showed I only remember 56% of anything new to me. The good news is -- I'm good at keeping a secret (ha ha).

Can seizures cause memory loss? -- Not to my knowledge but, I wouldn't rule it out either.

I can tell you from my own experience with this problem that: Stress makes it worst.... The more she can be mentally relaxed the better it will be. And... if she can try not to multi task and only focus on one thing at a time, that will help her too. The same goes for conversations... Only talk about one thing at a time, not multiple things and/or different conversation with different people at the same time can be a problem remembering things too.

Tell her to keep notes of important things. I write all of my appointments and when I'm doing things on my calendar. I also keep two note pads on my refrigerator - One for an on going grocery list as I see I'm running out of something and, another one for odd ball things that I want to do but, it doesn't matter when I do them.


For Christmas, I put sticky notes and regular notepads and pens in stocking. I scattered them all over house. Her memory is horrible so her depression is worse. With depression worse, she lives in front of TV and in bed by no later than 7 but usually earlier. I was thinking about occupational therapy because she need incentives to perform. Any thoughts?

Also, if seizure doesn’t affect memory, why is her memory loss so much worse than prior to. Also, can seizures cause hallucinations? She said she saw people standing just feet away wanting her to come with them but kept telling herself and “people” that she just wanted to sleep.

One other thing - I have a hard time believing anything is permanent. Even for myself and the problems I have. Miracles happen all of the time. I like to think it's only a question of when? (smiles)

The best advice I think I can give you for your mom is -- Love her and, be patient with her. I know it gets hard sometimes but, that will most likely help her the most. Despite my own memory, seizures, and health problems. The love of my family and my friends helps me the best (smiles).

Ben :)

I, too, suffer from some memory loss. I would suggest to all to use Lumosity. The exercises do improve memory, and other issues that the user chooses to concentrate on.

My biggest challenge so far is some basic math. Multiplication an division, mostly. As an airline captain, those things weren't an issue.


I tried but she said all those brain games do is make her feel stupid. I can’t argue that with her. We both have had a horrible outlook on our stupidity level. To be challenged and most times flat out not get it, why would she subject herself. She always hated school and to her this is only an extension of school.

I have been dealing with word loss but my family knows how to fill in the blanks. They know me so well. I haven't really asked any drs about it, just assumed it comes with aging and taking meds.

I won't argue with her, and your frustration. I have felt it too. Seeing a basic math problem that I know I knew the answer to, but not getting it. It takes time to get better. I have gotten better the more I do it. Fortunately there are games I play that I am good at, and take enjoyment from those.

Keep at it. Your not stupid, just handicapped by what happened to you.


It's also worth checking out other causes: medicines (prescribed and over-the-counter), circulation issues, lack of sleep or non-restorative sleep, etc. Mention it to the primary doctor at her annual check-up.

When my health problems first started, I got very depressed too. I went for counseling and it helped me immensely. The dr helped me to come to terms with my problems (my health issues)and helped me to get over the depression. I recommend counseling for anyone who needs it. It's very, very beneficial. So, Yes....I think therapy is a good idea.

Seizures:/ Even though I live with gran-mals, there's a lot I still don't understand about them. However, I had a friend who would have petit-mal seizures and she would hallucinate until she came out of it. Sometimes it was funny and other times it was downright scary. Depending on how long they lasted, of course. I don't know if it was from the seizure itself OR... a side effect of the med she was on. She went through a whole bunch of seizure meds before she found one that worked for her. Once the dr. got her meds straightened out, she was back to her normal self.

It sounds like she needs to see her dr.

I am on seizure medication and I have short term memory loss and aphasia. When you put them all together it makes it very difficult to remember things. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, on a regular schedule. I do light exercise.I drink water. I eat healthy and I will drink 1-2 glasses of white wine, maybe 3 times a week.

I have found that the less I stress about it the better I am. When I started freaking the stress caused me to have spells and I actually felt my memory slipping!

Certain seizure medications are worse than others for causing memory issues. Topamax is one, others are Lamictal and Dilantin. I have been on all of them and they all have side effects.

yes im on topamax which causes word finding probs and memory probs along with the radiotherapy side effects. i just try mybest. dont multi task well though. i can re watch films on tv over again because ive forgotten them. plenty of sleep is important. seizures definately make it worse. memory is a wonderful thing wish mine was better.

That explains a lot then. I’ve got memory loss from the Brain AVM haemorrhages. That’s a given. But I’m also on Topamax and Lamictal for the post operative epilepsy. Know my memory is getting worse. Makes me so angry and frustrated. I’m 35 with 3 kids and I feel like the family idiot.

you are not the family idiot. if you have 3 kids and cope with all you are coping with you are far from an idiot. i was a single mum of two boys for14 years and one of those has autism. normal family life things take some coping with but its good exercise for your brain i think. pat yoursrlf on the back.

is she having actual hallucinations? because that is a very different issue. how old is your mom? is it possible it could be:

I know that for me,my st memory loss and "cranial gastritus" was orig. temporary post surgeries. Now, my st memory loss recently stems from ingestion of statins for cholesterol management (permenant unfortunately). :(

What do you mean? You get memory loss from cholesterol meds? That’s possible?