Lost wallet, options?

I lost my wallet coming back from the beach this past weekend. My wife and I ruled out on the beach, the hotel, and the room. But now I have no way that I can think of to recover the wallet. I plan on calling the bank, credit card, doctors, etc tomorrow morning but I wonder, is there a way to find it easier? I feel like a klutz because I’ve actually never lost my wallet before. We know I had it on the past day we were coming back cause I used my debit card to buy fast food. Any tips? Thinking about getting a chain like I had in high school😋.

Hey Randombeggar,
Been there, done that and that feeling of being a klutz is awful. Rather common for me (DOH, did I just say that out loud? LOL ) There are tracking cards available. They are the size of a credit card, fit in your wallet and you can us you a mobile phone app to locate and track lost items. I brought a pack of 3 when I went overseas. One for my wallet, one for my bag and one for my phone. The wife’s phone also has the app.
There’s one called ‘Tile Slim’ https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/products/slim
Another called ‘Orbit Card’
They are a bit easier than a chain

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Thank you!

And to update and close this story, last night my wife and I were tired, beat from a whirlwind vacation, and pretty snappy (I was). But Leslie, the resilient helper that she is, checked one more location by the space between the laundry hamper near our bathroom and behold, the wallet was there!

But, that doesn’t change the excellent advice given and as such I’ll be grabbing a couple 3 cards for my wallet, keys, and phone! I think I’ll try the Slim tile at https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/products/slim.

Thanks for your help! And a happy Monday!

No problem Random, that’s what we’re here for. Some days I scratch your back and some days you scratch mine. Sometimes we get messages saying ‘But no one answered…’ that doesn’t mean that no one has read the posts. Others may read this post and think ‘Yea I need one (or 3) of them’.
So these posts don’t just assist you but there will be others too. I told someone the other day ‘Our days ain’t all roses and sunshine, even for the strongest of us…’ so although I may have a resolve for your issue today, tomorrow someone else’s simple post may just be the answer I’ve been searching for (of which there are many I can assure you). So as I say ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’. It’s the only way we can all get through this, together.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Post following up, I’ve had the tile a month, it’s come in handy three times already! I set my keys and wallet in a little compartment near my bed. But sometimes I forget and leave wallet in pants. Press the tile button, tile in wallet goes off, done! If I misplaced phone, hop on computer, ring phone, phone goes off piece of cake!

And, I don’t think she’d mind me saying, my wife, uncharacteristically, left her keys at a ballgame cause they fell off the blanket we were using. We found them a couple of hours later, but if she had used a tile…:grinning: I’m not a tile salesperson, but I am an owner of a tile set and my friends and family will be too!
website at http://www.tile.com.