Kevin's not coming home

kevin has to go go to an old folks home. the social worker obviously got things wrong. the meeting was on the 7. the neuro-physch report had just come in. he has too many cognitive deficits. they think he has trouble understanding things visually…he didn’t recognize the toaster smoking. pretty bad for a firefighter. his physical deficits are great too. his balance is an issue. the house was assesed and none of his equipment will fit anyways. they said even if i were to quit my job it would be to much he needs 2 people to assist with things. they are going to send him to pembroke hospital and he’ll stay there till they can place him. devastating! he really slipped backwards. he was pissed though, not coming home and he had his license pulled. shalon i got the t-shirt. i’m glad things went well for you, i see things were a success. someone said i should get the marriage annulled. gotta fix up the house. fix my car a bit. going crazy wondering how much of kevin’s money they’ll take. will i be left destitute? gotta get a lawyer. i’ve had 2 of kevin’s friends come over. sharks circling. digusting. first guy that came over was all over me. i had to go pee, when i got back he was in his underwear!! i finally snuck a phone call and my daughter and her boyfriend came over. i’ll never be the same. i think i’ve gone a little crazy. the way kevin is…no innitiation it would be terribly diffcult to have even have a relationship. heartbreaking. poor kevin…i hope he doesn’t give up. ginny

Ginny, I am so sorry for this news. I’m sure you are so overwhelmed with things to think about and how you are feeling. It must be so difficult. I can’t imagine how you must feel. Please know I am thinking of you. Life just isn’t fair at all.

I am so very sorry to hear this news, Ginny. I am a big believer in thinking positive, but it’s so hard to understand why bad things happen to good people. I’m praying for you and Kevin.

Yikes Ginny! Sounds like such a trying time for you and Kevin. I’m sorry to hear that he isn’t coming home. All of the things you mention above, getting things in order. Sounds like the right steps to be taking. I know that you guys must both feel so overwhelmed and out of control. Do your best to grab control and make the best for both of you. Hang in there. I can’t imagine how hard this must all be. We are here for you though and are hoping for the very best outcome possible!