Kevin's first day out!

we went to the firehall and saw a lot of the boys. they knew he was home but to see kevin standing there…they showed him the new fire truck talked for quite a bit. we also went down to the crash hall, that’s where they stay when the military are flying. it got hit by lightening a couple of years ago. they took him on a tour of that. 52 inch t.v and huge leather chairs for them to sit. kev said it was almost worth it to come back lol. he walked the whole grocery store!! he took money out of the bank machine by himself and paid for the grocery’s. i think that gave him a huge boost of confidence, and self esteem. oh and independance!! he’ll come back pretty fast now i think. hosp life v.s real world life. now we have to careful that he doesn’t overdue it!! his legs were twitching last night and that’s a good sign that those muscles got a good workout! i was so amazed by kevin!! the dtermination and the will!! sooooo proud of him!! he wants to go looking at trucks!! i said baby that one you will have to wait for lol. every day is going to be new, all the things we take for granted…we’ll see what he gets up to today!! ttyl xoxoxo to everyone…ginny

So glad your guys outing went so well!!! YAY!!!

I am so happy for you and Kevin! This is the happiest you’ve sounded in a long time, Ginny!

It all sounds wonderful! I think you’re right, being able to do for himself will help him so much.

But be prepared for down days, too, as it seems to go that way. Good days and then a bad one, then more good days.

Still, good days like this are worth celebrating!

what an achievement to walk the whole grocery store…make sure he dosent over do it…sounds like a great day …there will be plenty more great happy days to come…love and best wishes to you both xxxxx