Just a little something

Hi everyone my name is Precious; I’m 27 years old I have two boys (Isaac- 9, Aiden-5). They drive me nuts but I love them to death! They are my reason for living and fighting for what’s important in my life and so is my family, even though we are not as close as we should be but I all so live for them… July 19th of 2007, I realized how much I wanted to live and how much I love my children and my family. I have never been so scared of loosing them. Before as a teenager I didn’t care much I felt that I was always right and every one around me was wrong. I use to feel like the outsider and sometimes I still feel that way; but then I stopped and thought and remember that I’m not the outsider I’m getting closer and closer to God. I have been filled with his love I been filled with the hope and strength of a fighter of a mother that will do anything for her love ones. I have learned that there is no reason to be cold hearted even when our past only consists of bad memories and heart breaking trials. Or the ones that we love showed to be different and cruel. For me I’m here today and ready for what God has planned for me. I’m not worried about yesterday because it has already passed me and I have already passed it. I’m not thinking of tomorrow because it could bring surprises and I like surprises even the bad ones they only make me stronger. I live my life today following his teachings and holding on to my faith for as long as I may be here in flesh. I’m a believer, a Mother and a Friend.

Good on you Im a mum also of 2 little kids and yes they drive me crazy but I love them and my love is now stronger as I get scared of not being here for them, keep on being the strong mother you are, take care

Hi Ochoa, you are an inspiration. Stay strong !!!


Sorry about that Precious, I said Hi Ochoa yesterday, I was really tired, I didn’t see Precious at all.
I’ll just blame my avm LOL