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Is there an app for that? Cognitive/memory things

Question - my doctors are telling me I need to keep track of the times that I experience different cognitive dissonance (meaning keep track of the things I forget - wonderful concept). Does anyone know of any app that is designed for that? I know I would keep better track of them if I could just get my phone out and track it.

Along that line, something that has bothered me since my oldest was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade (she’s now in her 30’s - yikes!). Her doctor said, “Virtually all ADHD kids do very well socially and academically - as long as they take their meds. The challenge is the fact that can’t remember to take their meds - because they have ADHD!”

So, anyone know of an app or know of a way to simply and quickly keep track of these things? Is “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google” into the same note every time possible?

Thanks in advance for the collective wisdom,


You can definitely set recurring reminders on Google, Siri or Alexa. For Siri, you have to do it by talking rather than in the app, apparently. See the links. For Alexa, you have to use the app to stop the reminder! You can’t just tell her to cancel the series. Drives me slightly crazy…

It won’t drive me slightly crazy. You can’t drive someone to the place they already are.



Google keep, keep.google.com, and there is an app for it. Love keep!

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