Is it weird?

Its been 10 weeks since my brain surgey wanted to know if anyone had a hard time making decisions for themselves? As of lately im constanly second guessing myself and always needing to seek approval. I was never like that and now it just seems so constant always worrying if what i decided was right.
How can i suddenly feel this way when i was the one who made such a scary and big decision to have brain surgery?

I think that it's totally normal - try to go easy on yourself. you might find yourself making a pro-con list for something as basic as what color of shirt to wear...who've thought =)

Nay, I also think this is normal. You've heard it before - recovery from surgery takes a long time. I had surgery in my left frontal lobe and it took time for my personality to get back to where it once was. Which lobe was your surgery? George

Hi Nay. George is right. Your body has been thru a huge shock. Give your self more time to heal!


My avm was in my occipital lobe. It takes so much out of me....not being able to decide simple things.
Today I gave my dog a bath and all of a sudden i lost hearing from my right ear..weird u think it was a sign thar i was over doing it?
hearing came back once i sat down and relaxed

When I have overdone it, I cannot think clearly and tend to speak slowly. These symptoms let me gauge how far I still have to go in recovery. My surgery was last November. I would let your neurosurgeon/neurologist know what has happened and see what they say. George

Nay, as others have said, it does take quite a long time to heal. 10 weeks is very early to heal & get back to "normal". Take it easy on yourself and your feeling are very normal!

I'll call my doctor on Monday to see what he says. Kinda makes me nervours since im going back to work in less then 2 weeks

i suddenly feel exhausted...ugh dont mean to whine but how can i make it going back to work...
its like im in a lose lose situation if i go back and feel tired, weak or out of it then i cant work...if i dont go back i cant live off of disability checks...same if i only work part time not enough income...

its not like i can depend on anyone im not married single and live on my own...feeling a lil overwhelmed

Nay, is it possile for you to go back to kind of ease yourself back in to work? Maybe work reduced hours or a few days a week? Increasing your hours/days as you feel up to it? You're exhausted now. Working will probably make you even more so. You've got to take it easy as much as you possibly can until you feel up to doing a bit more.